WEBINAR: State of Innovation in Aerospace & Defense

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In this webinar, we will review findings from the KPMG - Aviation Week Innovation Study. You will learn about the current state of innovation in the aerospace and defense industry, and discuss research-backed insights related to innovation challenges, technology trends, and ways to enable innovation. You will also learn about the innovation ecosystem and how government, corporate, and research-focused stakeholders can work together.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • The A&D industry faces several strategic "grand challenges," such as breaking the cost development curve and achieving sustainability. Overcoming these challenges will help the industry to be better, faster, cheaper, and more sustainable.
  • Certain key technologies in fields such as autonomy and advanced propulsion are related to grand challenges and have been the focus of increased research activity by A&D companies.
  • There are opportunities to collaborate between institutions that can enhance innovation.




Jono Anderson
Partner - KPMG

Jim Adams
Principal, U.S. Aerospace and Defense Industry Leader

Ed Hazelood - Moderator
Aviation Week Contributor


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