WEBINAR: Silicones for the Emerging Space Ecosystem

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In this webinar you will learn how silicones are advancing the rapidly growing space ecosystem, and how their inherent properties enable innovative new materials in aerospace applications such as launch vehicles, satellite manufacturing, and ground infrastructure. We’ll be discussing encapsulants, ablatives, adhesives/sealants, and thermal materials for aerospace—specifically thermal heat shielding (direct and indirect plume, orbit re-entry), solar array protection, electronic board protection and thermal dissipation.

Learnings will include:

  • Past and future insights of the market verticals for launch vehicles, satellite manufacturing, and ground infrastructure
  • Silicone product discussions; innovations and recommendations within the market verticals
  • Dow Silicones on a global scale




Dr. Cody Schoener
Consumer & Electronics Marketing Manager - Dow

Christopher Windia
Senior Technical Specialist - Dow

David Hamblin - Moderator
Aviation Week Contributor


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