WEBINAR: Disconnected Operations - What Happens When Military Assets Have No Connectivity

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Increasingly, the military is embracing digital transformation and advanced tools to achieve operational availability and materiel readiness on the status, whereabouts and availability of equipment and personnel—uninterrupted and in real-time. Seemingly contradictory to that, the military is also exploring distributed operation models that, while mitigating the threats of operating in hostile environments such as remoteness, extreme weather conditions and physical attack, raises serious connectivity and logistical questions.

How can you maintain real-time insights into the force-wide availability and readiness of assets, when they exist in a disconnected environment? Join IFS as they answer this question and explain the processes, tools, and software architecture required to keep military equipment, personnel, and commanders in sync during disconnected operations—planned or unplanned.




Matthew Medley
Industry Director, Aerospace & Defense - IFS

David Hambling - Moderator
Defense Specialist - Aviation Week Contributor


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