WEBINAR: Aerospace Leaders Discuss Advancements in Additive and a DfAM-Less Future

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Despite strict regulations, additive manufacturing (AM) is being used to produce mission-critical parts for aerospace at unprecedented levels. The production of legacy parts and parts consolidation are just two of the many benefits AM has enabled at scale. But how can organizations push the limits of what is achievable without being hampered by the limitations of Design for Additive Manufacturing (DfAM)? To answer this question and more, we've invited aerospace leaders to share their views on modern manufacturing, designing the best part possible without constraints, and how engineers can use advanced AM solutions to push the boundaries of what is achievable.

This session will cover:

  • Advancements in metal 3D printing that are legacy part inventory and part innovation and inventory without DfAM limitations
  • What factors to consider—size, demand, complexity, and location—in parts selection and parts consolidation with additive manufacturing
  • The latest in AM printing technologies that can optimize post-printing processes for time, material, and cost saving
  • Common supply chain roadblocks across geographies




Daniel Dombrowski
Mechanical Engineer - FTT-Kratos

TK Kallenbach
Chief Executive Officer Thales InFlyt Experience

Will Hasting
Director of Aviation & Power Turbine Solutions - VELO3D


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