VIDEO LEARNING: Verify Fuel Type - A Pilot's Story

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A pilot, shot down in World War II, was held in a German POW Camp. After 16 months, he escaped and stole a slightly damaged FW 190 Plane and headed North with full tanks of fuel. After finding the North Sea, he followed the shoreline until he was forced to make an emergency landing due to low fuel. 

Nearly 33 years later, he would be forced to make another emergency landing.

Join us LIVE to discover lessons that today’s pilots can learn from this story.

By attending this digital session, you will:

  • Learn what happened on May 25, 1978, and then again 42 years later to another pilot
  • Discover ways to prevent it from happening again
  • Hear about training and resources that are available
  • Find out how you can make a difference and be part of the solution




Keith Clark
Quality Control & Technical Rep
Phillips 66

Molly McMillin - Moderator
Editor-in-Chief, The Weekly of Business Aviation - Aviation Week


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