FAST CHAT: Innovation in Sustainment with Tech Pubs

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Join us to learn how to put your organization's technical knowledge to work! Technical publications contain the organization's formal knowledge and best practice about asset sustainment. Everything from diagnostics, repair processes, spare parts, tooling and type of skills required all sit within the electronic pages of your tech pubs. However, tech pubs have been passive to date. They just sit there waiting to be used. Join us and explore a strategy that ensures all of the knowledge and expertise represented within your technical publications can be proactively engaged to lower repair durations and improve first time fix rates.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How tech pubs can proactively integrate with health monitoring IOT systems to drive diagnostics
  • How tech pubs can proactively drive parts ordering
  • How tech pubs can proactively drive technician assignment 
  • How tech pubs can accelerate onboarding timeframes & ease the technician shortage





Bob Hogg
Industry Marketing Director
RWS Group


Lewis Marshall
Senior Solutions Consultant
RWS Group


Ed Hazelwood - Moderator
Aviation Week Contributor

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