Today’s issue of ShowNews features our annual listing of the Top 10 Leaders of European Business Aviation. We pick the movers and shakers, those who are helping create demand for business aviation through clever marketing and innovation, those who are influential in polishing business aviation’s image with the public and politicians alike, and those who are fighting to protect it from unfair regulation. This year’s Top 10 (whom we don’t rank – we list them alphabetically), are:

Frédéric Caussarieu, CEO of Rennes-based VolDirect, which became the first company to win approval to fly commercial single-engine charter in IFR.

Tony Coe, chairman of the Baltic Air Charter Association, who has positioned the organization at the forefront of key issues that impact the air charter industry.

Brian Humphries, president of the EBAA, who tirelessly champions business aviation throughout Europe and especially in Brussels. 

Dave Jackson, CEO of 328 Group, who is growing the business and reducing its dependence on the Dornier 328 jet and turboprop aircraft. 

Brandon O’Reilly, CEO of TAG Farnborough airports, who is making friends in the community by leading a war on noise. 

Aoife O’Sullivan, a passionate advocate of business aviation and a much sought after speaker around the world. 

Vladimir Petak, CEO of Czech charter and management company ABS, which is celebrating its 10th year with the arrival of its 13th aircraft. 

Tarek Ragheb, founder and chairman of the African Business Aviation Association, which is building bridges between African and European business aviation. 

Robert Schmölzer, MD of Austria’s International Jet Management, who won a legal battle to lift restrictions on access to German airports. 

Adam Twidell, whose PrivateFly online executive jet charter and booking system is pioneering a new way of doing business in the bizjet market.