1.Buy the airplanes; 2. Order the flight planning aids; 3. Collect an AOC. That was the shopping list on Tuesday for the visiting president of HK Bellawings Jet Ltd, Zhang Yijia.

Based in Hong Kong, Bellawings is a business jet management company that already has a substantial fleet of BBJs, Challengers, Globals and Gulfstreams, amassed since its formation as recently as 2014.

Tuesday’s first stop was at Bombardier to firm-up on a pair of optioned Global 7500s and sign a letter of intent for another five, bringing firm Global family orders to 10 and options to an extra 13.

Then to Boeing to sign a seven-year agreement for the Jeppesen JetPlanner Pro package, which provides end-to-end flight planning, dispatch operations and route optimization for fleet operators.

Finally, to the Civil Aviation Authority of Cayman Islands for official, and historic, presentation of that country’s first Air Operator Certificate (AOC) by its director-general, Richard Smith.

“We are excited to have Bellawings operate commercially under Cayman Islands jurisdiction,” declared Smith, “and look forward to their continued growth as they serve the needs of this dynamic industry.”

Where that expansion might take the company, one can only speculate. But, assuredly, HK Bellawings is the one to watch.