Innovative networking platform leads aviation industry into a new era

Click Aviation Network, a Dubai-based global network of aviation partners, is pleased to announce the official introduction of its revolutionary digital networking platform, Click Omega. This platform is designed to offer aviation players with a mission-critical decision support platform that will increase operational efficiency on a global scale.

Digital Personal Assistant
Click Omega is a virtual personal assistant for all aviation needs. As an entirely digital service, Click Omega is always available to offer assistance in any location.

Artificial Intelligence
Artificial intelligence technology allows Click Omega to understand the user’s operational and commercial needs and provide a bespoke solution for each member. Click Omega is always learning and evolving to adapt to the ever-changing aviation environment.

Instant Results
Click Omega is loaded with the most up-to-date information regarding permit requirements, fuel and handling rates and any additional details required in the trip planning process. This immediate access to vital data reaps instant and effective results for users of Click Omega.

Meet us at EBACE 2018 from 29-31 May at Booth L89 and join us as we take the aviation industry into a revolutionary era of networking and collaboration through Click Omega.

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