Thomas Flohr, founder and chairman of Salzburg-based VistaJet, thinks it makes no more sense to pay a positioning fee for a chartered jet than it does when a rider phones for a taxi. He’s upped his game for elevating VistaJet into a global company by eliminating positioning fees that can cost large cabin business aircraft customers $100,000 or more on international trips.

“Today’s entrepreneur or business executive will be flying to [North] America one week, Asia or South America the next, and Europe in between, so it’s become critical to offer them a truly global service.”

VistaJet acquired 15 aircraft in 2016, boosting its fleet to 70 super-midsize and large cabin Bombardier business jets. This represents a total investment of $2.5 billion Founded in 2004, VistaJet recently celebrated its 100,000th flight.

Charter operations in Europe have soared, while the growth of individually and company owned large cabin business aircraft has stagnated. This provides essential mobility without having the aircraft on the books as an asset.