Antwerp-based Take Air, the first all-you-can-fly membership airline in Europe, began scheduled operations in May using a King Air B200. All six seats were sold. “The flight went smoothly, as it should, members were delighted and our team and I are quite proud,” says 31-year-old Matthieu Dardenne, the company’s co-founder and CEO. He says his inspiration came from fast expanding Surf Air on the U.S. West Coast and he regularly speaks to them.

Initially, Take Air is operating just one route, Antwerp-Zurich, with its King Air painted in house colors but owned and operated by Luxaviation’s Belgian charter operator Abelag under its AOC. Passenger operations started with just one rotation per day on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. Increased frequency, new cities and utilizing larger King Air 350s will be added as membership grows, says Dardenne. King Airs are favored because of their ability to operate at smaller airports.

Take Air was launched in December last year with the first passenger flight scheduled for March this year, but it was delayed as card payment software had to be modified for this type of specialist membership operation. “We decided it would be a smarter move to delay a little bit and have a smoother start.”

The company has already announced its intentions to fly between Paris and London. “The aim is to expand into a close network concentrating on commuters. We hope that within a year we can extend the services to France, Germany and the UK,” says Dardenne. “Longer term it’s a logical step for us to have our own aircraft, and we expect to have them in 2017.”

As a launch special offer, membership is free but would normally cost EUR500. Members have a choice of five schemes: All-you-can-fly membership is EUR1,650 per month and you fly as much as you want for a fixed fee with no extra costs. These members can invite a guest onto a flight for the flat rate of EUR840 for the return trip. The four other classes of flight cards start at one flight (two legs) at EUR950 inclusive, five flights (10 legs) at EUR920 per return journey, 10 flights  (20 legs) at EUR885 per return journey, and 20 flights (40 legs) at EUR850 per return journey.