Remember the Bombardier Global 7000 fuselage mockup at EBACE last year? You almost certainly walked through it. From flight deck to rear bulkhead, the entire volume had to be built from scratch in just eight months by Design Q. It was their first full-size business jet and Bombardier, along with potential buyers, were delighted with the result. The mockup returns here again this year.

Based near Redditch in the UK’s West Midlands, Design Q is the brainchild of two former automotive design engineers, Howard Guy and Gary Doy whose design consultancy has the rare ability not only to design corporate aircraft and luxury car interiors but to bring them to reality. “We’re an unusual consultancy in that we get involved in manufacture and that’s part of the fun,” says Howard Guy. “Ideally it has to be easy to produce, logical, look amazing and produced within budget.”

What he didn’t mention is that timescales are usually hideously short, but having designed interiors and manufactured crew and cabin mockups of Boeing 747-400s and Boeing 777s for Cathay Pacific and Virgin Atlantic they’re not easily scared by scale.  

The company continues to work with Bombardier, “There’s a lot of development and production going on now with processes and design engineering,” said Guy.

Design Q is currently overseeing the completion of a Global 6000 by Bombardier in Canada. The aircraft is new and the owner wanted something very different, so he approached the UK firm directly to design the interior. “We’ve pushed a little revolution in there and transformed it,” said Guy.

“We’ve altered colors and added a lot of things including brushed stainless steel fittings. The stainless steel is really thin – just like an eggshell and although it’s a large component it’s very light. The interior finish is at the level of an Aston Martin or Bentley and the customer is very happy.” 

Design Q Wants the Ultimate

UK specialist interior design and engineering company Design Q is getting involved with cutting-edge business jets, “It might be bigger, faster or longer range,” says Howard Guy co-founder and CEO of the company. “Whatever is the best, the fastest – if there is a company out there doing it then we want to be on it.” How about supersonic business jets?  “I might have thought about it. Those programs really excite me because I think there is an opportunity to break new ground – it’s a whole different concept and I would hope that the interior design would reflect the added technology and the brand.”