Directed Vapor Technologies International, Inc. Offers Environmentally Friendly Alternative to Cadmium and Hard Chrome Coatings

Charlottesville, VA – February 25, 2015 – Directed Vapor Technologies, Inc., (Directed Vapor) specializing in coating of complex aerospace components,, will be exhibiting environmentally friendly alternatives to hazardous heavy metal coatings for environmental and wear protection of high strength steel components to the aviation community at the 20th annual MRO Americas Conference & Exhibition, presented by Penton’s Aviation Week (, on April 14-16, 2015 at the Miami Beach Convention Center in Miami, FL.  The company will appear at Booth Number 400.

Replacing environmentally hazardous inorganic materials, in particular cadmium and hard chrome, currently used in the maintenance and/or sustainment is a high priority for the aviation industry.  Directed Vapor’s non-toxic replacement coatings do not contain any materials currently identified on the Office of the Secretary of Defense’s Emerging Contaminants WATCH List and/or ACTION List.  Current replacement technologies utilized by the aviation industry are limited to coating application onto line-of-sight regions. Thus, many components that require coatings onto non-line-of-sight (NLOS) regions still require a suitable processing approach which will enable use of heavy metal replacement coatings.   Directed Vapor Deposition (DVD) is an environmentally friendly, vapor deposition technique that facilitates NLOS deposition onto the internal regions of components, allows flexible control of the coating composition and microstructure, and enables high rate, highly economical deposition.  To achieve this Directed Vapor uses the Directed Vapor Deposition (DVD) process, which is an advanced version of electron beam physical vapor deposition (EB-PVD).  


The DVD process has the capability to deposit corrosion (aluminum and aluminum alloy) and wear coatings (nano-composites) coatings that have suitable qualification capabilities for chromium and cadmium replacement, as well as, can be effectively applied onto internal regions such as complex geometries, hard to reach cavities and cylindrical areas. The impact of reducing the use of cadmium and chromium coatings without decreasing performance is that significant reductions in hazardous waste generation will be achieved.  This reduction will limit the exposure of personnel to toxic materials and greatly reduce the costs associated with material disposal.  These coatings can be used to protect critical components (including aircraft landing gear, tailhooks, material fasteners and electrical connectors) from the effects of corrosion and wear without the hazardous effects of currently used materials.


DVTI has full-scale production capabilities at its facility in Charlottesville, VA for contract coating services as well as a full staff of engineers and scientists that can develop specialized coatings for specialized requirements. 


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