Poll: The U.S. Air Force Is Considering Whether To Buy New Lockheed Martin F-16 Aircraft. Is This A Good Idea?

Credit: Lockheed Martin

The U.S. and Europe are pursuing development of next-generation combat aircraft and nations all over the world are planning to buy the F-35. Still, the allure of fourth-generation fighters is no mirage, as demand for life-extension programs and upgrade packages is maintaining production lines for aircraft designed decades ago. One aircraft the USAF is considering buying is the Lockheed Martin F-16. Is this a good idea? Vote below. 

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Lockheed has been milking USAF and the USG for decades on fighter contracts and other military programs. The so-called need for more 4th gen fighters is solely the fault of Lockheed’s failures on the F-35. Why should they be rewarded for failure?
Maybe Lockheed should be forced to sell the F-16 back to General Dynamics in order to get Air Force orders.
F-16 has such a great heritage and is cost effective to maintain and operate not all conflicts will need the F-35. Also todays F-16 is so much more capable than the earlier F-16's