Webinar: Combat Aircraft of the Future

This webinar took place July 16, 2020 and was sponsored by KPMG.

The U.S., Europe and the UK are chasing future combat aircraft platforms, but the sixth generation may be so much more than a modernized airframe, placing a heavy emphasis on autonomy and artificial intelligence. Along with sixth-generation fighter programs such as the U.S.’s Next Generation Air Dominance, the Franco-German Future Combat Air System and the UK’s Team Tempest, those nations are also pursuing unmanned platforms with intriguing names – Skyborg, Lanca and Mosquito.

While many of these efforts remain highly classified, Aviation Week editors are piecing together the latest clues to their development.

Hear from the panel in the full recording above.


  • Justin Bronk, Research Fellow, RUSI
  • Douglas Birkey, Executive Director for the Mitchell Institute for Aerospace Studies
  • Tony Osborne, London Bureau Chief, Aviation Week Network
  • Steve Trimble, Defense Editor Aviation Week Network

Moderated by Jen DiMascio, Executive Editor, Defense & Space, Aviation Week Network


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