Asia-Pacific Largest Regional Military Market By 2030

Credit: United Aircraft Corp.

Aviation Week Network forecasts indicate that Asia-Pacific will have the largest regional total of in-service military aircraft by 2030. 


Around 37.5% of all new-build military aircraft delivered over the next decade will be purchased by countries in the Asia-Pacific region, more than anywhere else in the world.


Rising defense spending and strategic uncertainty are driving the modernization of air forces throughout the region. Around one in four aircraft delivered around the region will be fighters, with the majority of countries being at some point in the combat aircraft procurement lifecycle.

As defense spending rises and indigenous production capabilities develop, the share of military aircraft produced in-region is eventually expected to increase. However, for the next decade at least, Aviation Week Network data indicates a vibrant regional market, with opportunities to supply almost 1,500 military aircraft to Asia-Pacific states (excluding China).