FRANKFURT—Airbus on Nov. 21 received the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) type certificate for the A350-1000.

Certification of the largest twin-widebody in the Airbus portfolio came almost one year after the aircraft’s first flight. Airbus says certification by the FAA will “follow shortly.” Airbus expects to deliver the first-1000 to launch customer and operator Qatar Airways before the end of the year. The first aircraft is currently in the final assembly line and will be transferred to the flight line in early December, preparing for its first flight shortly thereafter.

The -1000 test campaign comprised 1,600 hr. and involved three aircraft. Around 150 flight-hr. were dedicated to route proving in an operating environment typical for airlines.

Alain de Zotti, the A350’s chief engineer, said the -1000 met or exceeded all performance targets. The aircraft remained within its weight specification, unlike early versions of the A350-900.

Airbus has 169 firm orders from 11 customers for the -1000. There are 681 orders for the smaller A350-900, 122 of which had been delivered by the end of October.