Poll: Will FBOs be able to maintain health and safety standards, and complete a timely boarding process?

Credit: Aedkais

The contraction of all industries, very much including aerospace, is without precedent and spurred by a lethal, fast-spreading, global invisible menace with no known opponent. It’s really quite terrifying. The enormity of the virus’ physical and economic impact upon the world is impossible to calculate and its duration unknown as well.

But here’s the thing: This pandemic will end, just as have all those that preceded it.

So, rather than focus on the terrible present — and God bless the first responders, those manning the emergency rooms and ICUs, and everyone working to assist and protect them — I wondered what consequences the crisis of 2020 might have on business aviation in the years going forward. Will there be any and, if so, will they be helpful or not?

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While this estimable foursome were not in complete agreement on what may be forthcoming, there was general consensus on the possible... 

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