Cessna Citation M2: Peppiest Performance Of CitationJet Derivatives

Citation M2, the third iteration CJ, has been in production since late 2013. More than 230 units (s.n. 685, plus s.n. 800, et seq) have been delivered. But demand is tapering off for light jets. Selling prices now range from $2.5 million for early 2013 models to $3.9 million, or more, for 2019 models. 


However, this is an aircraft that will climb directly to FL 410 in 24 min. and cruise at 375 KTAS while sipping 667 lb./hr. The M2 can fly one pilot and three passengers 1,300 nm in 3+30. As with most entry-level turbofan aircraft, it has limited payload with full tanks. But it can carry a pilot and six passengers more than 750 nm.

The M2 was created to offer superior cruise and range performance compared to arch-rival Embraer Phenom 100. However, newer versions of the Phenom 100 have closed the cruise speed gap at the cost of greater fuel consumption. The Phenom 100 and HondaJet Elite have larger cabins, but Textron makes the most of the M2’s the cabin dimensions by fitting it with some of the best seats in class.

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The M2 is very much a pilot’s airplane. The G3000 flight deck features three 14.1-in. WXGA displays, simple, well-positioned systems controls and an intuitive, twin touchscreen user interface. The standard package includes ADS-B In/Out, dual comm/nav/WAAS GPS radios, plus dual AHRS and digital ADCs, a single solid-state weather radar, Collins DME-4000, radio altimeter and TCAS 1 unit. Synthetic vision PFDs, Doppler turbulence detection radar and an XM satellite radio weather and entertainment system were popular options.

Engine FADECs slash pilot workload. There are throttle detents for takeoff, max continuous and max cruise thrust.

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Operating costs are reasonable. Fuel burn averages about 1,000 lb./hr. for short trips and 750 lb. for long missions. Williams TAP Blue costs $282.58 for both engines. Textron’s Pro Parts runs $145.92 and the Pro Tech maintenance plan costs $236.24/hr., assuming the aircraft is within its 5-year/5,000-hr. warranty period.


Textron’s M2 is one of the quietest, most pilot friendly, solidly reliable, well supported light jets. It flies fast and far enough to connect most distant cities in the continental U.S. with one fuel stop. However, it’s best suited for 600-800-nm trips.


For its price, the M2 provides good value today. However, more resale aircraft may become available in 2020 and that will further depress prices. For potential, time is on your side.