GlobalAir.Com Releases Scam-Fighting Program For Aircraft Brokerages

business jet
Credit: RaptTV / Getty Images, an online resource to the aviation community that provides aviation-related data and services, has launched its newest tool to assist aircraft brokerages—the “Scam Reports” system. 

The tool is used to assess and evaluate suspicious people and companies showing interest in an aircraft, which is something not unheard of in this sector of the business aviation industry.

The “Scam Reports” system is available to aircraft brokerages, where brokers can use the system to post people, their email address, telephone number, company, and the scam they are pushing. This allows brokers anywhere to have the ability to find “posers,” as they are called in the system, where they can search and review any questionable inquiry or contact they have received from a resource.

“We are a first in the aviation industry to identify this problem and develop a universal solution that can be used by all professional aircraft brokerage firms,” says President and CEO Jeffrey Carrithers. “These countless illegal submissions cost hundreds of thousands of dollars in scams each year, not counting the amount of time and energy the brokerage industry puts into researching a person. We’ve come up with a way to at least publicize known scammers.”

The system is free and accessible to any professional aircraft broker or firm. To access it, brokers need to have an account with and log in to their dashboard. 

Though the “Scam Report” is the latest service has developed to deter fraud, the company already has internal systems that locate and remove known people and companies that submit inquiries through the aircraft for sale section of its website.