Q&A with Jason Johnson, MD of Click Aviation Network U.S.

Jason Johnson joined Click Aviation Network as Managing Director for the U.S. market in 2018, with a mission is to provide exclusive, comprehensive and technologically-advanced aviation services to the global aviation industry. Here, he discusses his vision for the company's presence in the U.S.

Q: How is Click Aviation Network uniquely positioned to serve the U.S. aviation market?

A: Click started outside the U.S., and in the last four years, Click has built a tremendous presence in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia. We did this by first supporting FBOs and management within these regions by creating strategic partnerships and employing nearly 200 employees in that time in order to facilitate their ground and air operations.

Q: Where do you see the business aviation industry going in the next five years? How is Click helping people prepare for whatever changes may come?

A: There is no question we see a huge consolidation of the market and a play for the next AviTech behemoth. We believe many companies in our space will start to invest in technology. Instead of trying to become that behemoth, Click's goal is to support the industry and its technology with an open-source platform we call Omega.

Q: What are the advantages of Click’s trip support services for the U.S. market that can’t be found with similar service providers?

A: We have three types of services. The first is a DIY support platform where the user can utilize the Omega system to arrange handling and other services. Next, we have our 24/7 One-Point. This is where our client has a dedicated point person and team to facilitate their request. Lastly, for larger operational needs, Click has our In-Office platform where we have dedicated staff that work alongside your team. I have never seen such advanced technology in trip support as I have seen at Click. The A.I. platform that enables us to do our job is incredible. Soon enough, the U.I. will be ready for our DIY clients and I believe this will be the future of trip support.

Q: As Managing Director for Click USA, what is your vision for the company’s newly-established presence in the states?

A: It's to first settle in, and most importantly, listen to the industry. Personally, I have been here for 17 years and I am still learning and adapting. We believe this industry is built on smaller fleets and they need support - not just flight support, but technology as well. We want to be that piece of technology that brings a very fragmented fleet into an open-source platform to create industry-wide efficiencies.

Q: You gave a talk during CJI Miami 2019. What did you discuss and why?

A: I touched on all of the above in relation to the current aviation climate and Click’s global outlook. Primarily, I discussed the use of technology to make charter more efficient, a topic that I - along with the rest of my team - feel very passionate about.

Jason Johnson is U.S. Managing Director of Click Aviation Network