If you’re an operator or pilot that flies internationally, you know navigating the customs process requires detailed, accurate passenger and flight plan information. Yet, Customs and Border Protection (CBP) routinely receives Advance Passenger Information System (APIS) manifests that contain errors.

While an APIS filing error may seem trivial—a one-letter typo, using a passenger’s nickname instead of the name on the passport—the potential headaches and delays (and, in extreme cases, fines) are not.

Enter Jeppesen Mobile QuickClear, a new iPad application that helps ensure error-free customs compliance—simply, securely and quickly.

Developed by Jeppesen and Airside Mobile, makers of the popular Mobile Passport app, Mobile QuickClear enables operators and pilots to manage the CBP process for international arrivals and departures directly through the interface. It walks the user through the entire process, from building a manifest to securely importing passenger and crew information via Mobile Passport to tracking landing-rights information and transmitting the manifest to CBP.

Mobile QuickClear assures the safe transmission of passenger data because it’s built upon the proven power of Mobile Passport, which provides users with a secure electronic repository for passport information and a robust encryption system for sharing this data with manifests created in Mobile QuickClear.

By filing this data through CBP’s eAPIS portal, pilots learn right away whether their manifest submissions have been approved; there’s no waiting. Mobile QuickClear also lets users record all data related to landing rights and communications with CBP right in the app. This provides secure, trusted documentation should a review be required after the fact.

And, should a pilot need to update APIS filings to reflect manifest and flight plan changes, they can do so without incurring any additional fees. This flexibility encourages users to be as accurate and up-to-date as possible with their APIS filings while providing protection from inadvertent mistakes.

As a last compliance step prior to taking off, Mobile QuickClear will prompt the pilot to physically verify passengers’ passport information. This ensures the data that was transmitted matches what the CBP agent on the ground will review.

Mobile QuickClear is free to download. And with special introductory pricing, it’s only $9.99 to file each manifest.

Download Jeppesen Mobile QuickClear at the App Store here.