Beyond The Basics: OEMs, Suppliers Offer Innovative Cabin Solutions

Credit: Safran

From restaurant-quality kitchens aloft to high-tech window shades and total refurbishment, a growing number of suppliers are focusing on luxury features to make flying private a more enjoyable experience.

1. Safran Business Jet Elite Inserts

Safran Cabin is offering Atmosphere, a suite of executive inserts for inflight food and beverage preparation, specifically designed for Bombardier’s Challenger and Global 7500 jets. Atmosphere’s multiple options include the ability to brew coffee drinks and tea using the same equipment, as well as oven and microwave capabilities incorporated in a single product, optimizing space in the galley area. Available for both line and retrofit, Atmosphere’s main components include a large, single-unit combined oven and microwave, a large convection oven with steam cooking capabilities; a double cup cappuccino and espresso maker, refrigerators, a coffee machine, warming drawer, and a hot water kettle, as well as an air chiller. Customers can select the entire suite or individual components. 


2. Quick Cooling for King Airs

King Air Ground Cooling systemTextron Aviation offers a unique ground-based cabin cooling system for its popular King Air 200 and 300 twin turboprops, without the need for an engine run prior to boarding. Totally isolated from the aircraft electrical and environmental control components, the King Air Ground Cooling system is comprised of an evaporator/blower unit mounted to the forward side of the aft pressure bulkhead, a compressor/condenser installed in the aft fuselage, and a dedicated ground power unit receptacle installed on the aft fuselage belly skin. The Beechcraft King Air Ground Cooling system is available for installation exclusively at Textron Aviation Service Centers. Current downtime is approximately one week.


3. Smart Shades Offers Smarter Shade Solution

Smart Shades

Elliott Technologies offers an improved version of Smart Shades, its innovative alternative to conventional cabin window shading products, but at a price point less than most mechanical replacement options. Using polymer displaced liquid crystal (PDLC) technology, the PDLC filament, when energized, causes the shades to become transparent. When the aircraft is on the ground and not powered, they transition to an opaque state. Passengers can select any degree of shading between transparent and opaque via an at-seat control switch. The smart vision shades are powered from a stand-alone controller box or the controller box that also powers Elliott Technologies Prizm LED lighting system. The controller box and power supply are the focus of the improvements, which are intended to extend the anticipated lifetime of the PDLC filament.


4. Refreshing Gulfstream Cabins

Gulfstream galleyGulfstream Aerospace is offering a multiple option cabin redesign/refreshment service for any in-service models of its popular jets. The extent of the cabin refurbishment is fully customized to owner requirements, ranging from a carpet or seat leather refresh to a total interior redesign incorporating a new floor plan and the most advanced cabin technology. Gulfstream is offering the redesign program on three levels. The first is “Refresh,” which includes recovered seats, new upper and lower sidewalls, fresh carpeting and new exterior paint.  Next is the “Premium” offering all the features of “Refresh,” plus new veneers and countertops; and finally, the “Custom,” a totally reimagined aircraft, which includes a new floor plan.