New FBO Opens At Isla Grande Airport In San Juan

Puerto Rico FBO ribbon-cutting

L-r, Puerto Rico FBO Vice President Belkys Pérez, Ports Authority Executive Director Joel Piza Batiz, Puerto Rico Gov. Pedro Pierluisi and Capt. Carlos Benitez, CEO of parent company Benitez Aviation, cut the ribbon to open new FBO.

Credit: Puerto Rico FBO

Puerto Rico FBO has started offering private aviation services at its facilities at Fernando Luis Ribas Dominicci Airport (SIG) in the Isla Grande district of San Juan, Puerto Rico.

The new FBO operator, which held a ribbon-cutting ceremony Dec. 13, has 45,000 ft.² of hangar space on the north ramp, Hangar A, of the Pan-American Pier cruise ship terminal bordering the airport. It plans to open a new facility with 40,000 ft.² of hangar space in the first quarter of 2024.

Puerto Rico Gov. Pedro Pierluisi helped open the new facility, which involved a $20 million investment, according to Puerto Rico FBO. “After serving both local and visiting clients for many years, as well as managing special projects off the island, my team and I are offering our combined experience to establish an exclusive operation that offers the highest quality airplane and helicopter services for individual customers or private companies,” said Carlos Benítez, CEO of parent company Benitez Aviation.

Helicopter Charter Connection

Puerto Rico FBO
New hangar and other services at Isla Grande Airport. Credit: Puerto Rico FBO

Puerto Rico FBO offers concierge services for private aviation passengers and crew as well as crew rest space. The FBO also offers helicopter charter services through its sister company, Puerto Rico Helitours, mechanical services and aircraft fueling.

“We are generating 50 direct jobs in order to offer the best private aircraft management and administration service in both Puerto Rico and the Caribbean and are firmly committed to our talent and professionals on the island,” said Puerto Rico FBO Vice President Belkys Pérez.

Also known as Isla Grande Airport, SIG is located southeast of Old San Juan and has a single, 5,540-ft. runway. It hosts another FBO—Modern Aviation—which in December 2021 acquired the operations of Million Air franchisee Hill Aviation at SIG and Jose Aponte de la Torre Airport (RVR) in Ceiba, Puerto Rico. Hill Aviation had operated at Isla Grande Airport for 30 years.