Avinode Group’s Schedaero Adds Features To Charter Platform

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Schedaero, a division of Avinode Group, has introduced new features to its platform that assists Part 135 charter operators with flight scheduling, aircraft management and crew monitoring. 

New features include crew training and currency tracking, a crew schedule and a duty dashboard. 

The new training and currency platforms within Schedaero are designed to be set up once. From there, the software tracks training in a centralized location, stays on top of items due, schedules pilot training, triggers system warnings if a pilot does not have the proper training or currency for an assigned aircraft or trip, among other features.

The crew schedule, for simplicity, is a calendar for the crew. It allows the operations team to create events and assign them to pilots. The crew can then be notified by using Schedaero’s crew app—a mobile application designed specifically for crewmembers and not the operations team. The crew schedule section also tracks FAR 135.267 (e), which states “The certificate holder must provide each flight crewmember at least 13 rest periods of at least 24 consecutive hours each in each calendar quarter.”

Schedaero’s Duty Dashboard provides real-time duty tracking, which eliminates any ambiguity of whether a crewmember is legal to fly, especially for last-minute trips. This section of the software shows a crewmember’s previous day activity as well as two days forward, to provide a clearer awareness of each member’s work-to-rest ratio. For future trips, the duty dashboard gives projected duty and flight times to ensure compliance with Part 135’s time limitations. 

Schedaero’s crew app, introduced in 2019, now has the capability for pilots to manage passenger details, including the ability to add passengers to a trip, update their names and information, and check them in or mark them as a no-show. Besides passenger information, crewmembers can now also submit expenses and print trip sheets via the app.

The information entered into the app can be used to generate various reports, such as flight duty rest reports and post-trip reports. 

Finally, Schedaero is now integrated with FlightSafety International, the training and simulation provider. The software automatically marks training items complete, syncs records of training documents, and updates currency in Schedaero whenever a pilot finishes a FlightSafety course. 

The Schedaero interface is similar to the layout of Avinode for ease of adjustment for those familiar with the Avinode product. The company says the Schedaero offering is designed to be learned “within days rather than weeks.”

Besides Schedaero, Avinode Group also operates Paynode, a medium for processing aviation payments.

Matthew Orloff

Based in Los Angeles, Matthew Orloff covers business aviation for Aviation Week Network.