The Silvercrest turbofan engine, whose recurring problems caused Dassault to terminate the Falcon 5X program (see “First Look: Falcon 6X Debuts;“ page 56), is now being tweaked to better meet the needs of its only remaining application, the Cessna Hemisphere.

“We are talking to Cessna to tailor the engine, which had rather been developed with the Dassault aircraft in mind,” Safran CEO Philippe Petitcolin said in late February.

The last problem with the Falcon “was related to the high-pressure compressor, which did not match the flight envelope Dassault had required,” Petitcolin explained, adding Safran Aircraft Engines would have had to make time-consuming changes to rectify the problem.

The Silvercrest is Safran’s first purpose-designed business jet engine. Now its high-pressure compressor is being “optimized” for Cessna’s needs, said to be less challenging. The Silvercrest will be rated at around 12,000 lb. of thrust for the new Cessna.