Analysis of the business aircraft market and an FAA report about unmanned aerial vehicle sightings appear in the Aug. 31, 2015, issue of The Weekly of Business Aviation:

Large Business Jet Demand Slowing, Foley Says

After years of growth, demand for large business jets seems to be slowing, according to Brian Foley, president and market analyst with Brian Foley Associates.

The market for large intercontinental business jets was “barely fazed” by the worldwide financial crisis of 2009, Foley noted. Aircraft in the large sector typically seat more than 15 passengers and have a price tag in the $35 million to $75 million range, he said.

“Conversely, sales of smaller, more modest jets declined by two-thirds, forcing plane makers in that segment to halve staffing and in one case, fold,” he said. “The split personality between big and small is showing objective evidence of change, and is in fact reversing.”

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Stock Market Volatility Raises Questions For Business Aircraft Market

The recent volatility in the stock market – if it continues – could lead to slower sales of business aircraft, experts say.

“If you have volatility in markets, that might be a cause for people to not do that next transaction,” said Mike Kahmann, managing director and group head of CIT Business Aircraft Finance. “They might become more cautious.”

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FAA Report Details Hundreds Of UAV Sightings

Hundreds of operators of business aviation and general aviation aircraft and helicopters, citizens and air traffic controllers have reported UAV sightings over the past 10 months, according to a just-released FAA report.

The report covers Nov. 13, 2014 through Aug. 20 of this year, and includes details of 765 sightings from around the country. In some cases, pilots reported near misses.

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