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Aviation Week & Space Technology FAQs

NEW in May 2016: We've combined the power of the MRO Edition and the Aircraft Technology Engineering & Maintenance (ATE&M) editorial teams to bring you Inside MRO, our new monthly magazine found within the pages of Aviation Week & Space Technology. Click here for more information about this new publication and the Aviation Week Network's expanded MRO coverage.

Also, listed below are our most frequently asked questions about our other subscriber features, as well as how to contact our customer care team directly.

Who can I contact with questions about my subscription and for online assistance? Our customer care team can be reached directly by phone, fax or email.

Toll-free (N. America): 1-800-525-5003
Outside N. America: +1-847-763-9147
Fax: 1-844-609-4274 or +1-847-763-9682
Email: awstcustserv@halldata.com

Laurie Becker, Circulation Manager: laurie.becker@aviationweek.com
Abi Ahrens, Director, User Strategy & Insights: abi.ahrens@penton.com

How can I access my subscription today? Aviation Week & Space Technology has expanded access for all subscribers to include online and mobile options. All articles will be posted daily to aviationweek.com, and to our new mobile app designed to be used by both iOS (Apple) and Android-based devices.

What will be available that is different from the print issues? These new online and mobile options will allow us to deliver articles to you as they are written versus you waiting for a printed issue to be mailed to you. This will give you earlier, more immediate and convenient access, as well as a way to search by general topic, editor and keyword.

Will print issue frequency be changing? Yes, while we are expanding to immediate online and mobile access to all articles written, we will be delivering our print issues every other week (once a fortnight) starting in January 2015. All readers will receive the same or more content as before – but the print issues will focus on highlights hand-picked by our team of editorial experts, making each issue even more of a powerhouse collection of articles.

Is Aviation Week still published weekly? A digital edition of AW&ST is published every week. With the exception of the week between Christmas and New Year’s, we never skip an issue. We are truly Aviation Week. This is more issues than we used to publish. The total volume of AW&ST content we produce is about the same, but we present it differently now.

Every piece of content is published digitally first -- most of it flowed out during the week, some closing Thursday night. So most of the stories that are in the weekly edition will have been visible to subscribers online and in the app earlier. We “roll up” almost all of the week’s content into a digital edition because that’s what many readers want – a weekly magazine they can read and not miss anything important. We expect many readers will want to add a daily experience of AW&ST content, but we don’t want to force readers into keeping up with us every day if they simply want to enjoy a great weekly magazine.

Also, every other week, we publish a print magazine. Think of it as the “best of” two weekly digital editions (the digital edition that closed simultaneously with print and the digital edition from the week before). These print editions are larger than they were in typical weeks in 2014, but they do not include every article from the two weeks’ digital edition (and obviously, none of the content that can be presented only digitally, such as videos). Print issues no longer have a single cover date; they have a date range beginning on a Monday (the same as the latter of the two digital editions) and extending 14 days through a Sunday. The range indicates to readers the dates for which that is the latest print book.

How do I access the digital edition on AviationWeek.com/awst? Since we are streamlining this process, simply log in using the email address and password that is associated with your AW&ST subscription.  If you need assistance, please contact our customer care team (or call 1-800-525-5003 within the U.S.; +1-847-763-9147 outside the U.S.).  Once you are logged in, simply go to AviationWeek.com/awst to read the latest articles and issues posted that are part of your subscription.

What is required to receive the digital edition on the new platform?  Simply provide us with an email address (full contact information is required for full access), and a link to your digital edition will appear in your inbox a few days before the issue date.

Can I purchase digital back copies of the issues that I am missing?  No not at this time.  However, if there is a specific article you are looking for within the past two years, we can email you a copy.

Are AW&ST digital editions available on smart phones, iPhones, iPads, tablets, etc.?  AW&ST digital editions can be downloaded in PDF format and then can be accessed offline on your mobile device and/or your computer desktop.

I’m not always connected to the internet. How will this be handled with an online subscription? We have designed our mobile app to allow you to download articles for offline-reading at your convenience. This feature of the app is available to both tablet and smart-phone users.

If I want digital only, is this available? Yes, digital only subscriptions are available. These will include access online at aviationweek.com as well as the new mobile app launching in 2015.

If I want print only, is this available? We do not package print subscriptions as a stand-alone product, primarily to give all subscribers the opportunity to try out our new digital and mobile options. We encourage all print subscribers to provide us their email that will open up these other areas of access for them.

Will I be charged extra for these new subscription options? All existing Aviation Week & Space Technology magazine subscribers will receive expanded access at no extra charge for the remainder of their existing subscription term. Any increases in rates will be communicated as part of our standard renewal processes. For questions about your subscription term and/or to ask about an extension at your current rate, please contact our customer care team.

Can I still read my issues by going to awin.aviationweek.com? Yes, if you currently have a login to awin.aviationweek.com, you can continue to access Aviation Week & Space Technology articles within that website.

I’m a current subscriber but don’t have an online account – how do I get one started? If we have an email address on file for you, we will create an online account for you and email you an invitation to login and reset your system-assigned password. If you are unsure if you’ve provided an email or you do not receive this invitation, please contact our customer care team.

Why do I need to provide an email for online access? Your email is used as the common login between our online and mobile app platforms, as well as to send you important login instructions, updates about your subscription, and updates to content posted online and within the mobile app. You have the option to unsubscribe from any non-subscription related emails if that is your preference.

How do I login online? In the upper right corner of aviationweek.com, click “LOG IN” and enter your username and password. Once you complete this, you should see your username displayed in the upper right corner. You will remain logged in until you sign out or if your computer system deletes your stored cookies.

Why am I still seeing locks on articles at aviationweek.com even though I’m logged in? There may be some articles posted that are not tied to your subscription. Any article with a blue banner at the top containing the Aviation Week & Space Technology logo is part of your subscription. If you see another product logo in this banner position, you will need to upgrade your account by following the instructions you see on that locked page.

I’m logged in and trying to read an article with this banner at the top – but am still locked out? If this happens, please contact our customer care team to trouble-shoot the issue and/or upgrade your account.

Is there a homepage specifically for Aviation Week & Space Technology? Yes, to view all articles posted online that are part of your subscription, go to aviationweek.com/awst. Articles are posted with the most current at the top of the list and the “Today in…” topic section at the bottom of the page.

If I want to read a weekly wrap-up of articles, where would I go to find this? Starting in January 2015, we will be hosting a “This Week” page online and within the mobile app that will be communicated to you on a weekly basis.

How do I download the mobile app? If you have an Apple/iOS device, download at the App Store. If you have an Android-based device, download at Google Play. You will be instructed when app downloads are available in both stores.

I don’t have a tablet. Can I still download the mobile app to my smart phone? Yes, our mobile app is optimized for both smartphones and tablets. Just follow the same download instructions above.

I’ve downloaded the mobile app – but still seeing locked articles that I can’t access. Once you’ve downloaded the app, you will need to login. Just go to any locked article and enter your online username and password. This should unlock that and all other articles within the app. Like the website, you will remain logged in until you log out or your device resets.

I’ve logged into the mobile app – but still seeing locked articles and/or received an error screen. If this happens, please contact our customer care team to trouble-shoot the issue and/or upgrade your account.

How do I download content for offline reading within the mobile app? Simply open the app while you have an internet connection and all article content currently posted on the home screen or in one of the “Today In…” sections will automatically download. When you are in airplane mode or without an internet connection, these same articles will be accessible to you. One note: article images on these cached pages will not appear in all cases.

I see bookmarking articles is a feature of the mobile app, how does this work? Bookmarking an article will allow you to build a library of articles you want to come back to read later. These will download to your device, so an internet connection is not required to read. To bookmark an article, simply select the article you would like save, open the article and select the bookmark icon to the upper right of the headline.

I’d like to get an update when there is new content available within the mobile app. When you download the app for the first time, you will be asked if you would like to receive alerts in the future. These alerts will show up on your app icon on your device as there is new content posted. If you’ve already downloaded and would like to add on this feature, go to your device “Settings” and turn on this feature for the Aviation Week & Space Technology app.

I’ve noticed several promotions and emails showing content featured on certain days of the week. Does this mean this is all that is being published that day? Articles will be posted as they are written throughout the day and week. However, because we know some of our subscribers have a particular interest in certain topics, we will be featuring these articles by day of week:

Monday: Technology
Tuesday: Commercial Aviation
Wednesday: Space
Thursday: Defense
Friday: This Week (compilation of all articles published that week)

I just subscribed to Aviation Week & Space Technology. When will I receive my login information? If you subscribed online, this should be sent to you immediately. If you subscribed in response to a promotion you received in the mail or through a phone call, please allow 48 hours for your digital notification and login instructions to arrive. Our customer care team can be contacted for a status update.

I like to reference Aviation Week & Space Technology while in meetings and calls. Does the new model allow me to share this content? Articles online and within the mobile app can be forwarded to colleagues via email and social media channels – but currently, this will require the recipient to have a login. More robust sharing options are being considered for 2015.



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