As the global market for new business jets has contracted in recent years, Asia-Pacific’s share has been increasing, growing from 7% of global deliveries in 2007 to 12% in 2009. As of August 2010, Asia-Pacific had 637 business aircraft, or 3.6% of the world fleet, according to JetNet. Within the region, the relatively mature market of Australia/Oceania remains the biggest, with 161 aircraft. However, India was second with 143 aircraft, followed by China with 114 and Southeast Asia with 110. And, despite the global financial crisis, Asia’s stock markets, gross domestic product (GDP), corporate profits and exchange rates have been resilient, says Manfred Baudzus, Embraer sales director for executive jets in Asia-Pacific. Asia-Pacific’s contribution to global GDP in 2009 was 26%, nearly equal to that of the European Union. This growth is expected to continue as Asian operators plan to exponentially increase their fleets.