Lufthansa Technik won Aviation Week Network’s MRO Laureate for pioneering digital transformations in the civil aviation aftermarket.

In 2016, the company launched its Condition Analytics platform, which combines condition monitoring with predictive maintenance in one integrated tool to make component maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) more predictive.

A team of engineers, data scientists and data architects analyze the full-flight data after each flight and develop “use cases.” This co-located team approach replaces one previously dominated by troubleshooting and condition monitoring. The group analyzes flight and MRO data to continuously develop use cases, and after developing the analytical model, the team analyzes customer data to show results.

Having been developed with fundamental knowledge of MRO and engineering, these “use cases” go beyond finding correlations and are designed to show the relationship between correlation and causality. Using this multifaceted approach, the system then checks customer data for relevant abnormalities and anomalies.

“It’s more predictive, and we can deep-drill use case by use case,” to deliver results faster—within weeks—instead of months or years, says Jan Stoevesand, head of analytics and data intelligence in information management at Lufthansa Technik.

Through Condition Analytics, Lufthansa Technik reduced technical delays for an airline by 25% by identifying contradictory results from height sensors that caused an autopilot landing system to fail. Data analysis identified which sensors needed to be replaced before they failed, thus solving the problem, increasing aircraft reliability and preventing operational disruptions.

Lufthansa Technik’s platform shows a fleet’s health and predicts outages for any aircraft type—so it is OEM-agnostic and can be used for mixed fleets.  

By deploying digital technologies such as this, the MRO provider is converting data to intelligent information that can result in fewer faults, fuel savings, optimized costs and greater safety.

Condition Analytics is an independent data analytics tool, not coupled with a support contract or other Lufthansa Technik tools.

In addition to this platform, Lufthansa Technik is fostering an Open Innovation Network, which links to its work with the Starburst Accelerator to inspire new technologies.

Other MRO Laureate finalists included EasyJet, GE Aviation and Latam Airlines.