Steve Trimble

Defense Editor,
Aviation Week Network

Stephen covers military aviation, missiles and space for the Aviation Week Network, based in Washington DC. 

Born in a U.S. Air Force family, he grew up on military bases around the world and came to Washington DC in 1997 to work for Army Times Publishing Co. as a journalist. Stephen helped launch the portal in 2000, then joined the editorial team for Aviation Week’s web site in 2001. He reported on the Pentagon for Aerospace Daily in 2002 and 2003. 

From September 2003 to September 2018, Stephen covered defense and aviation issues and managed staffs as the US bureau chief for Jane’s Defence Weekly and later FlightGlobal. He has covered aviation stories on six continents and several multiple awards, including most recently the 2017 Aerospace Media Awards honor for Best In-Depth Feature on the effort to revive Russia’s commercial aviation industry. 

Qatar Cleared To Buy 24 More AH-64Es, 2,500 Hellfires 
The U.S. State Department has OK'd an export package to Qatar that includes 24 more AH-64E attack helicopters and 2,500 AGM-114R Hellfire missiles.
Contract Terms Imperil F-35 Status In Canada Bidding 
As a member of the F-35 global partnership, Canada has agreed to terms that rule out offsets. But the Future Fighter Capability in Canada requires all bidders to submit proposals that comply with a policy which call for a 100% spending match on the value of the fighter contract.
DARPA Launches 2nd Effort To Automate Fighter Cockpit 
The U.S. military has revealed a second major program in as many months aimed at experimenting with artificial intelligence in a fighter aircraft.
Bidding Phase Begins For Deployable Nuclear Reactor Project 
A two-year contract to design a 10 MWe-class, mobile nuclear reactor to power remote U.S. military bases and electricity-hungry weapons, such as high-powered lasers and microwaves, is now open for bidding.
Saab’s New Indiana Site Opens Door For U.S. Growth 
Indiana Saab’s on May 8 announced selection of an Indiana site to produce structures and systems for the Boeing T-X trainer.
Light Attack Acquisition Enters Notification Phase  4
A planned acquisition of three A-29 Super Tucanos and three AT-6 Wolverines has entered the presolicitation notification phase required for all sole source contracts.
U.S. Marine Corps Acquires New Anti-Ship Weapon 
The U.S. Marine Corps has formalized recent plans to add an anti-ship weapon to its mainly land-attack arsenal.
Kratos, AeroVironment Team Up To Arm Drones 
For AeroVironment, the partnership offers a chance to widen the market for its short-range, loitering munitions, such as the Switchblade and Black Wing.
New Strategy Fuels Global Demand For More New Bombers  11
A new appreciation for large, long-range combat aircraft is reshaping global military fleets around a class of new stealth bombers.
U.S. Navy Outlines Vision For NGAD, Future Weapons 
The U.S. Navy has defined a mission and an operational concept for a Next-Generation Air Dominance fighter that rules out a joint aircraft development project with the U.S. Air Force.
Lockheed’s Discounts Don’t Justify Multi-year F-35 Deal, PEO Says 
Lockheed Martin’s promised discounts so far fall short of the U.S. government’s expectation’s for a long-sought multi-year procurement contract for the stealthy fighter.
Russia, China, U.S. To Start Arms Talks Soon, Trump Says 
President Donald Trump said on May 3 that negotiations will begin soon on nuclear arms controls with Russia, then later expand to include China in a three-way agreement.
U.S. Air Force Developing New Missile Interceptor 
A new missile defense interceptor quietly entered development by the U.S. Air Force in fiscal 2019 under a four-year, $632 million prototyping program.
F-35A Upgrade Schedule Aligns With Skyborg 
A planned upgrade will enable F-35s to control unmanned aircraft systems by 2023, just as the U.S. Air Force's AI-enabled Skyborg UAS should be ready for operations.
U.S. Army FARA Project Tackles Acquisition and Technology Hurdles 
Will the U.S. Army finally replace the OH-58D’s armed scout capability with a long-term solution?
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