Samuel Archer

Defense Analyst, Europe & Eurasia

Washington, DC


Sam is the regional defense analyst for Europe and Eurasia. Before joining Aviation Week, Sam received a Master’s in European Studies from Georgetown University with a focus on international security and Russia. Prior to joining Aviation Week, he received his Bachelor’s degree in German and History from Virginia Tech. Sam’s foreign language ability, academic areas of expertise and lifelong interest in military aviation led him to begin working at Aviation Week in 2017.


Podcast: Military Aircraft Opportunities in Europe

By Jen DiMascio Nov 27, 2020
In addition to a planned uptick in defense spending in the UK, nations across Europe are planning to overhaul their fighter fleets in the coming decade. 
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Fleet Snapshot: Global AH-64 Apache Current Fleets And Service Entries 2020-2030

By Samuel Archer Nov 06, 2020
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Fleet Snapshot: Global Airborne Early Warning & Control Fleets

By Samuel Archer Oct 30, 2020
Fleet Snapshot
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