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Elbit Sims for Israeli Air Force

By Noam Eshel Jul 16, 2018
​Israel has outsourced much of its military fixed and rotary-wing pilot training to Elbit Systems.
Farnborough Airshow

Bio Nexus’ E-Logbook Communicates Preflight Checks

By Noam Eshel Feb 07, 2018
Bio-Nexus is introducing the E-Logbook (ELB) at this year’s Singapore Airshow. The ELB is a tablet computer that digitally captures preflight checks done by the pilots and communicates them to the line maintenance crews. It is part of the company’s Aero-Nexus line maintenance mobile, digital workflow. Using connected tablet computers loaded with the Aero-Nexus applications, the system tightens the control and processing of line maintenance, and increases reliability by reducing risks of human errors.
Singapore Airshow

Controp’s SWIR Sharpens EO/IR Vision

By Noam Eshel Feb 07, 2018
Controp has integrated new high-definition thermal imaging capability in some of its EO/IR payloads. The added channel utilizes sensors operating in the shortwave infrared (SWIR) band, to provide higher-quality image in adverse conditions and a wider field of view for enhanced situational awareness.
Singapore Airshow