Noam Eshel



Elbit Sims for Israeli Air Force

By Noam Eshel Jul 16, 2018
​Israel has outsourced much of its military fixed and rotary-wing pilot training to Elbit Systems.
Farnborough Airshow

IAI Drones Gain Higher Autonomy in Remote Operations

By Noam Eshel Feb 07, 2018
Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) is extending the operational capability of its Heron and Heron TP UAVs, introducing fully automatic takeoff and landing from remote locations, without support of any infrastructure or ground support personnel.
Singapore Airshow

Bio Nexus’ E-Logbook Communicates Preflight Checks

By Noam Eshel Feb 07, 2018
Bio-Nexus is introducing the E-Logbook (ELB) at this year’s Singapore Airshow. The ELB is a tablet computer that digitally captures preflight checks done by the pilots and communicates them to the line maintenance crews. It is part of the company’s Aero-Nexus line maintenance mobile, digital workflow. Using connected tablet computers loaded with the Aero-Nexus applications, the system tightens the control and processing of line maintenance, and increases reliability by reducing risks of human errors.
Singapore Airshow