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Noam Eshel

Noam Eshel
Elbit Sims for Israeli Air Force
​Israel has outsourced much of its military fixed and rotary-wing pilot training to Elbit Systems.
Controp’s SWIR Sharpens EO/IR Vision
Controp has integrated new high-definition thermal imaging capability in some of its EO/IR payloads. The added channel utilizes sensors operating in the shortwave infrared (SWIR) band, to provide higher-quality image in adverse conditions and a wider field of view for enhanced situational awareness.
Commtact Data Link Makes Payloads Smarter
Data links, encryption and cybersecurity are considered sensitive technologies often maintained as highly classified and delivered to customers as “black boxes” that provide the function without offering customers access to manipulate and optimize the service they provide. With systems specifically designed for each customer, systems updates are years apart, with customers remaining dependent on foreign suppliers for the systems’ entire life cycle.
IAI Drones Gain Higher Autonomy in Remote Operations
Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) is extending the operational capability of its Heron and Heron TP UAVs, introducing fully automatic takeoff and landing from remote locations, without support of any infrastructure or ground support personnel.
Bio Nexus’ E-Logbook Communicates Preflight Checks

Bio-Nexus is introducing the E-Logbook (ELB) at this year’s Singapore Airshow. The ELB is a tablet computer that digitally captures preflight checks done by the pilots and communicates them to the line maintenance crews. It is part of the company’s Aero-Nexus line maintenance mobile, digital workflow. 

Using connected tablet computers loaded with the Aero-Nexus applications, the system tightens the control and processing of line maintenance, and increases reliability by reducing risks of human errors. 

IAI Boosts R&D Investment To Maintain Edge 
Israel Aerospace Industries maintains its position as provider of weapon systems and capabilities that establish some of Israel’s strategic pillars - yet most of the companies’ revenues come from export.
Israel's Bird, Airbus Team On Manpads Protection 

Israeli company Bird Aerosystems has teamed with Airbus to develop and field the Airborne Missile Protection System (AMPS) MV on helicopters and aircraft to protect them from the proliferating threat of man-portable air defense systems, or manpads.

IAI Bedek Is Busy in Israel and Expanding to Mexico City
After years of difficulties, the hangars at the Bedek MRO division of Israeli Aircraft Industries are full and faces are smiling.
Rafael Shows Off Latest Spike Guided Missile 
Israel’s missile pioneer Rafael Advanced Defense Systems is showcasing the latest version of its multipurpose guided missile – Spike LR II.
Bird’s DIRCMs Offer VIP Treatment

The proliferation of MANPADS – man-portable air defense systems – increased dramatically in recent years, leaking from collapsed nations (Libya, for example) and from radicals sponsored by rough nations (Iran and North Korea, to mention few of the most obvious). As MANPADS are available for sale on the black market, they appear in conflict zones throughout the world, as well as in the hands of criminal organizations. The growing threat drives military and government agencies to turn to proven countermeasures to protect their air.

UAS Countermeasures from Israel 1
Two counter-UAS systems developed in Israel are shown here at Le Bourget, designed to deal with different aspects of drone threats.
IAI Cybersecurity for Aviation
One of Israel Aerospace Industries’ areas of cyber expertise is the development and provision of cybersecurity solutions tailored to the needs of the aviation sector.
Israeli Companies Display UAS Countermeasures 
Two counter-UAS systems developed in Israel are shown here at Le Bourget, designed to deal with different aspects of drone threats.
Western Air Forces Boost Capabilities To Meet New Threats
After a decade of asymmetric warfare against low-intensity opponents, Western air forces begin to increase their capabilities against near-peer adversaries, demanding more advanced capabilities.
Elbit Systems—Maintaining Course Over 50 Years
Half a century after its founding, Elbit Systems is a global defense powerhouse ranked 26th among the world’s defense companies, yet innovation and defense electronics are still its core assets.

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