Michael Tint

Defense Analyst

Washington, DC


Michael Tint is the Head of Defense Analytics for Aviation Week Network.  He leads the Defense Team of Aviation Week’s Intelligence and Data Services division, which tracks the world’s military aircraft fleets and related data, analyzes the state of those fleets, and forecasts how they will change in coming years.  He also edits the market summary paper for the military forecast and conducts Aviation Week’s annual analysis of the Defense Department’s budget request.  He has a degree in political science from Haverford College focusing on organization theory and bureaucratic politics in America’s defense and foreign policy institutions. 


AWIN Military Aircraft Parts & Contract Data: RFQs For July 25 - July 31
Requests for Quotation (RFQs) for major military aircraft program parts for the week of July 25 - July 31.
theresa.c.petr… Tue, 08/03/2021 - 19:25
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How’s Military Aftermarket Sector Faring Amid COVID-19 Crisis?

By Michael Tint Sep 22, 2020
Ask the Editors: MRO activity is down due to the outbreak of COVID-19, but the military segment has been spared the brunt of the blow.
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Aviation Week Forecasts: Western Military Transport Helicopter Deliveries/ Retirements 2020-2029

By Michael Tint Jul 23, 2020
AVIATION WEEK NETWORK forecasts that over the next decade, 2,758 new, western-designed transport helicopters will be built, 726 will be re-engined or…
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