Kevin Michaels

Principal, AeroDynamic Advisory

London, UK


Contributing columnist Kevin Michaels is managing director of AeroDynamic Advisory in Ann Arbor, Michigan.


Opinion: Why Supply Chain Bottlenecks Will Quell The Ramp-Up

By Kevin Michaels Nov 24, 2021
Jetliner manufacturing is bedeviled by shortages of skilled labor and microchips as well as reduced parts-manufacturing capacity.
Manufacturing & Supply Chain

2021 Looks Like Key Year For Sustainable Aviation Fuel

By Kevin Michaels Oct 08, 2021
Europe will start requiring SAF in 2025, gradually ramping up the required percentage. U.S. considers SAF tax credits.
Safety, Ops & Regulation

Opinion: Why Air Travel’s Recovery May Be Years Away

By Kevin Michaels Sep 07, 2021
An effective global COVID-19 vaccine rollout, improved coordination of government travel policies and luck with variants will be needed.
Airlines & Lessors