Irene Klotz

Irene Klotz
Space Editor,
Aviation Week

Irene Klotz is Space Editor for Aviation Week, based in Cape Canaveral. Before joining Aviation Week in 2017, Irene spent 25 years as a wire service reporter covering human and robotic spaceflight, commercial space, astronomy, science and technology for Reuters and United Press International. She also worked with Discovery Communications, Discovery News and was a founding member of

Irene cut her teeth on the space beat at Florida Today newspaper, a business writer enchanted by the colorful entrepreneurs who wanted access to Air Force launch facilities and assets after commercial payloads were taken off the space shuttles following the 1986 Challenger accident. Commercial space remains the focus of her work, along with a keen interest in the search for life beyond Earth.

A graduate of Northwestern University, Irene is the 2014 recipient of the Harry Kolcum Memorial News and Communications Award, named in honor of the late Aviation Week managing editor and Cape Canaveral senior editor who was among Irene’s earliest mentors.

NASA Seeks Bids To Fly Payloads To Moon 
Nine companies picked by NASA last year as eligible to fly small payloads to the surface of the Moon have been notified that NASA is looking for its first ride.
Trump Wants Astronauts On Moon By 2024, Pence Says 
President Donald Trump on March 26 called on NASA to land U.S. astronauts on the Moon within five years, Vice President Mike Pence said.
Why Bridenstine Put the Space Launch System On Notice 
NASA chief fires warning shot, orders study to assess launching Orion lunar flight test on commercial boosters.
Tenth WGS Reaches Orbit 
A United Launch Alliance Delta IV delivered the USAF's 10th WGS satellite to geosynchronous orbit March 15 following a successful launch from Cape Canaveral.
OneWeb Raises $1.25B For Broadband Satellite Network 
With the first launch for a global broadband satellite network behind it, OneWeb has raised another $1.25 billion from investors.
Bridenstine Open To SLS Debut With Crew 
NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine is reopening the question of whether astronauts could fly on the debut mission of the Space Launch System (SLS).
SpaceX Crew Capsule Splashes Down After Orbital Test Run 
SpaceX’s Crew Dragon capsule, the first new human spacecraft for orbital flight since the space shuttles, returned from a six-day demonstration mission on March 8.
SpaceX Crew Dragon Demo Departs Space Station 
SpaceX’s first Crew Dragon, nearing the end of an unmanned, six-day demonstration mission, undocked from the International Space Station (ISS) on March 8, aiming for a splashdown in the Atlantic Ocean.
Fast Five With Virgin Galactic Chief Trainer Beth Moses  1
A former NASA extravehicular system manager for the ISS, Moses discusses her recent suborbital ride aboard SpaceShipTwo for the first inflight assessment of the passenger cabin.
Orbital Flight Tests Begin For Commercial Space Taxis 
Eight years after shuttle flights ended, SpaceX Dragon 2 capsule reaches space station for test run, ushering in “new era in space.”
Privately Funded Israeli Spacecraft Heads Toward Lunar Landing 
Despite cancellation of Google X Prize, Israeli nonprofit aiming for April touchdown on the Moon.
USAF Drops ‘Expendable’ From Launch Program Name 
Acknowledging the reusable rocket technology pioneered by SpaceX and Blue Origin, the U.S. Air Force has dropped the word “expendable” from the name of its orbital launch services acquisition program.
SpaceX Crew Dragon Reaches ISS For Test Run  2
The new vehicle, Dragon 2, is designed, built, owned and operated by SpaceX, with financial backing, technical expertise and oversight provided by NASA.
SpaceX Crew Dragon Lifts Off For Test Run To ISS 
Uncrewed Dragon 2 mission a key step toward the resumption of human orbital flight from the U.S.
Commercial Crew Astronauts Take A Centrifuge Spin  2
As NASA gears up for first U.S. human spaceflights since 2011, a training tool from the ‘60s is back in vogue.
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