Daniel Williams

Senior Fleet/Flight/Forecast Data Analyst

London, UK


Based in the UK, Daniel is a regional jet, turboprop and rotary wing fleet analyst and forecaster for Aviation Week Network. Prior to joining Aviation Week in 2017, Daniel held a number of industry positions analysing fleet data.


FAA Inspection Mandates Target Subset Of Boeing 787s

By Sean Broderick Dec 03, 2021
The FAA has finalized an inspection plan for a subset of Boeing 787s produced from 2013-2017 that may have improper shimming in several areas. 
Safety, Ops & Regulation

De Havilland Confirms Plan To Finish Remaining Dash 8-400s

By Sean Broderick Nov 09, 2021
De Havilland Aircraft of Canada Ltd. will complete the few remaining Dash 8-400s under production at its Toronto facility before pausing production to review “future opportunities.”
Aircraft & Propulsion

Making AAM Forecast Logic

By Daniel Williams Sep 08, 2021
With September, Aviation Week Network swings into its forecast production season for various market sectors of the aerospace industry.
Urban & Unmanned Aviation