Byron Callan

Director, Capital Alpha Partners

Washington, DC


Contributing columnist Byron Callan is a director at Capital Alpha Partners in Washington.


Opinion: Five Risks Looming Over The U.S. Defense Market

By Byron Callan Jan 17, 2022
International conflicts, contracting decisions, shareholders and an industrial-base review are likely to shape the A&D outlook in 2022.
Budget, Policy & Operations

Opinion: Five Uncertainties Facing The Defense Market

By Byron Callan Oct 19, 2021
Congressional behavior, midterm elections, new technologies and rising startup companies are likely to drive change in the 2020s.
Budget, Policy & Operations

Opinion: How Defense Stock Prices Responded To U.S. Afghanistan Exit

By Byron Callan Sep 14, 2021
Indian companies saw gains as the Taliban victory suggests future instability in Pakistan.
Budget, Policy & Operations