Brian Bostick

Senior Analyst, Fleet Data



Airbus April Deliveries Total 14 Aircraft

By Jens Flottau May 07, 2020
Airbus delivered just 14 aircraft in April, showing the severe impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the air transport industry.
Aircraft & Propulsion

Cracks Trigger Airbus A380 Wing-Spar Inspections

By Sean Broderick Jul 08, 2019
Airbus and EASA are developing an inspection program for Airbus A380 wing outer rear spars (ORS) after reports of cracks on in-service aircraft.
Air Transport

Airbus Prepares Handover Of Second A350 This Week

By Jens Flottau Feb 23, 2015
Qatar Airways still plans to begin scheduled services on the Frankfurt route on March 1, despite the aircraft only being delivered by Airbus this week.
Air Transport