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Arie Egozi

Israel Receives Two More F-35s 
The arrival of two new fighters brings the total number of F-35s delivered to the Israeli Air Force to 16.
Israeli Air Force Ends C-130, 707 Tanker Groundings 
The grounding followed a January incident in which a C-130 cargo aircraft rolled about 328 ft. into a ditch during an engine check. Two civilian workers carrying out the test were slightly injured.
SpaceIL Evaluates Plans For Next Mission 
Israel’s SpaceIL is evaluating options for the mission of Beresheet 2 (Genesis 2), the successor to the journey of its robotic lander that crashed into the Moon.
Israel Attacks Syria Targets, Syrian Defense Ministry Says 
The Syrian Defense Ministry claims the Israeli Air Force (IAF) attacked 10 targets in the suburbs of Damascus and Homs on June 30.
Hewson: F-35 Critical To Countering Hezbollah Rockets 
The F-35, with its high-end command-and-control technology and ability to identify and prioritize targets, is particularly critical to countering Hezbollah’s rocket threat, according to Lockheed Martin CEO Marillyn Hewson.
Israel Issues RFI For Boeing F-15X 
Affording both the Boeing F-15X and Lockheed Martin F-35 fighters may be problematic.
Israel, Lockheed Sign New F-35 Maintenance Agreement 
The Israeli Defense Ministry and Lockheed Martin Israel have signed a first-of-its-kind F-35 aircraft maintenance agreement.
Aeronautics Unveils New Hybrid-Powered UAS 
Israeli company Aeronautics has unveiled its first hybrid Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) that is operated by an advanced combustion/electric-power unit.
Rafael Upgrades Litening 5 Targeting Pod 
Rafael has unveiled a new version of its best-selling Litening-5 targeting pod that adds a synthetic aperture radar (SAR).
Israeli Political Crisis Threatens Aircraft Contracts 
The unprecedented political crisis in Israel that has caused the country’s parliament to disperse only one month after being elected may delay billions of dollars in planned purchases of U.S. aircraft.
Israelis Raise Security Concerns Over Chinese Project 
The Israeli Defense Ministry strongly opposes allowing a Chinese company to build a desalination plant near an Israeli Air Force base.
Israelis Warn About Strategic Shifts Caused by S-400 in Turkey 
The acquisition of Russian-made S-400 surface-to-air missiles by Turkey will create a “new order” in the air spaces of the region, primarily affecting Israel and the U.S., Israeli sources said on May 23.
Sikorsky Can Deliver CH-53Ks To Israel Within Three Years 
Sikorsky can deliver the first CH-53K heavy helicopter to the Israeli Air Force (IAF) 36 months after a contract is signed.
Israel Formally Requests Two KC-46A Tankers 
The Israeli defense ministry on May 16 issued a formal letter of request (LOR) to the U.S. for the purchase of two Boeing KC-46As.
IAF To Speed Vertical Lift Selection 
The Israeli Air Force is accelerating the process of selecting new vertical lift platforms.
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