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David’s Sling Clears Series Of Intercept Tests 
The Israeli Ministry of Defense successfully completed a series of intercept tests of an advanced version of the David’s Sling long-range rocket interceptor.
Israel Keeping Tabs On Syrian Missile Sites 
Israeli intelligence is closely following the production sites of Iranian-made missiles in Syria.
Egypt To Purchase Russian Su-35s 
Egypt has signed an agreement to buy about 20 Russian-made Su-35 fighter jets for nearly $2 billion, Russian news outlets say.
Israel Prepares List Of Customized F-35 Upgrades 
The Israeli Air Force (IAF) has prepared a list of Israeli-made weapons and other systems it wants the F-35 Adir to carry.
India Uses Spyder System Against Pakistani UAV 
The Indian Air Force used the Rafael Spyder air defense system to shoot down a Pakistani UAV in western India.
Corruption Case Delays IDF’s Urgent Need For New Helos 
The Israeli Defense Forces has an urgent operational need for a new heavy helo, but the selection process has been slowed by an ongoing a corruption probe.
Rafael To Display Long- Range, Penetrating Missile
Rafael has partially unveiled Rocks, a very long range, air-to-ground missile with a capability to penetrate heavily protected bunkers.
Israeli Officials Divided Over Whether To Privatize IAI 
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s initiative to privatize Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) is meeting increased opposition.
Israel To Investigate VIP Aircraft Conversion 
The Israel state comptroller says he will investigate Israel’s Air Force One program, which is lagging behind schedule and eclipsing its original budget.
U.S. Army To Purchase Iron Dome Battery 
The U.S. Army plans to purchase Israel’s Iron Dome system.
S-300s In Syria May Be Operational By March 
Russian S-300 missiles in Syria may be fully operational by March, according to Israelis who are following the air defense system’s preparations.
German, Israeli Team Offers To Aid Moon Missions 
A German and an Israeli company on Jan. 29 signed a teaming agreement to offer commercial Lunar Surface Access Service.
Israeli Military To Buy Ground-Based Missiles 
The Israeli Defense Force’s long-term plans call for buying missiles to add firepower to ground units if the Air Force’s firepower is limited.
Israel Suspends Aeronautics Executives’ Export Licenses 
The Israeli Defense Ministry has temporarily suspended the defense export permits of three senior executives at Aeronautics.
IAI Board OKs Upgraded G280 Business Jet 
The board of Israel Aerospace Industries has approved the development of an advanced model of Gulfstream Aerospace’s G280 super midsized business jet.
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