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Arie Egozi

Israel Delivers 100th F-35 Wing 
Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) has delivered its 100th F-35 wing to Lockheed Martin, as Israeli industry eyes the potential for new work on the stealthy fighter following the ejection of Turkey from the program.
IAI To Begin T-Heron Test Flights In March 
Test flights of the T-Heron UAS developed by Israel Aerospace Industries will begin in March, a senior company official says.
Rafael Offers Spike NLOS For UK Military Helos 
Rafael is offering its Spike Non-Line-of-Sight (NLOS) anti-tank missile for British Army Apache helicopters and Royal Navy AW-159 helicopters.
U.S. Army To Buy Upgraded Iron Dome System 
The $380 million deal will include 12 launchers, two radars and 240 Tamir missiles.
Israel Takes Next Step Toward V-22 Purchase 
The Israeli Defense Ministry has issued a price and availability request to the U.S. Navy’s international programs office for the acquisition of the Boeing V-22 aircraft.
Philippines Places $180M Order For Elbit UAVs 
The Philippines has selected Israeli company Elbit Systems for the supply of advanced UAVs.
IAI Backs Off Classified UAV Program 
Israel Aerospace Industries has backed off from a tender to supply UAVs to the Israel Defense Forces, claiming the program as structured would not leave it any profit.
Israel Seeks Small Spy Satellite Swarms 
The swarms of small satellites are intended to provide near-continuous coverage of areas, operating in parallel with Israel’s full-sized Offeq spy satellites.
Israel, MDA Test Arrow 3 In Alaska 
The targets were Rafael Sparrow missiles launched from an Israeli Air Force fighter.
Israel’s Uvision To Bid On U.S. Army Loitering Munition 
A live demonstration of competing systems is expected in early 2020.
Israel Receives Two More F-35s 
The arrival of two new fighters brings the total number of F-35s delivered to the Israeli Air Force to 16.
Israel Promoting Iron Dome Sale To Seoul 
Despite the fact that Israel selected the Italian M-346 trainer over the South Korean T-50, Seoul has continued to show interest in Israeli systems.
Israeli Air Force Ends C-130, 707 Tanker Groundings 
The grounding followed a January incident in which a C-130 cargo aircraft rolled about 328 ft. into a ditch during an engine check. Two civilian workers carrying out the test were slightly injured.
SpaceIL Evaluates Plans For Next Mission 
Israel’s SpaceIL is evaluating options for the mission of Beresheet 2 (Genesis 2), the successor to the journey of its robotic lander that crashed into the Moon.
Israel Attacks Syria Targets, Syrian Defense Ministry Says 
The Syrian Defense Ministry claims the Israeli Air Force (IAF) attacked 10 targets in the suburbs of Damascus and Homs on June 30.

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