Poll: When do you think COVID-19 vaccines will have been delivered to the majority of the population?

Credit: UPS

Airlines and airports are stepping up to the plate to distribute the vaccine for COVID-19. The air cargo industry is playing a vital role in distributing doses of the vaccine around the world.

IATA DG and CEO Alexandre de Juniac called the delivery of billions of doses of a vaccine that must be transported and stored in a deep-frozen state to the entire world efficiently a “hugely complex logistical challenge across the supply chain.”

Take a look at the gallery showing some airlines and airports that have accepted the challenge.

In the 30-minute ATW fireside chat, Karen Walker, ATW and Group Air Transport Editor-in-Chief and Brandon Fried, President and Executive Director at the Airforwarders Association discussed the COVID-19 vaccine deliveries, how the cargo and passenger airlines have prepared and how they are working with the entire delivery chain. 

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