Webinar: Fireside Chat with Captain Thomas W. Hallam, CEO of Somon Air

This webinar took place September 24, 2020

Captain Thomas W Hallam has spent a varied life in aviation, from a career as a pilot in the US Air Force, Delta and Ethiopian Airlines, to senior roles in Aruba and Kazakhstan. Now the CEO of Tajikistan’s flag carrier Somon Air, we speak to Hallam to learn more about how the global pandemic is impacting on the Central Asia region, which in 2019 was a growing connection point between Europe and Asia.

  • How is the current crisis affecting demand within and from Central Asia?
  • What does the future hold for the region with the forecast slow recovery for intercontinental travel?
  • How does the relatively new carrier Somon Air plan to progress from the shadow of coronavirus?

Join Aviation Week Network for this webinar as we discuss these questions and more.


Moderated by Wesley Charnock, Editor-in-Chief, Routes


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