Poll: Are Airline/Airport Staff Essential Workers Who Should Receive Priority COVID-19 Vaccination?

IATA has renewed its call for governments to ensure that aviation-sector employees are counted among the essential workers who will receive COVID-19 vaccines early.

Workers classified as essential are set to be inoculated against the coronavirus once healthcare workers and vulnerable groups have been vaccinated. 

IATA’s annual general meeting back in November had already adopted a resolution calling for aviation sector workers and international travelers to be given protection early on in vaccine campaigns.  

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Essential workers are not the same as vulnerable population let alone where the best bang for the shot is.

Prisons have a disproportionate impact outside the walls (let alone inside for people who should not be there in the first place)

But the reality is that people like Pence and his wife will get the shot when they are not remotely essential to anything.

We can just hope the rest of us get the crumbs in time.