WORLD ROUTES: McCarran International Showcases new Terminal 3

Las Vegas McCarran International Airport is showcasing its new Terminal 3 during this year's World Routes in the city in its bid to attract more international carriers, its director told The HUB. Rosemary Vassiliadis, Clark County Department of Aviation’s director said the new terminal would show airlines that they can run an efficient, profitable operation at Las Vegas.

"We want to showcase this brand new terminal. It opened last year; it has an expanded port of entry, every bit of the latest technology injected into the operation. If we can show the airlines what a smooth seamless, efficient operation, that is very beneficial to them," she said.

Vassiliadis added that the terminal has seven full time gates and expanded customs and border processing. "Between the two of those, the hold rooms, the types of shopping and food offerings, it puts a very nice package together."

She highlights Virgin Atlantic Airways as a true success story for the airport, and one that the airport can hold up to other international carriers. "The best story is Virgin Atlantic. The convention authority and the airport teamed up and worked on them for ten years trying to tell them the demand will be here and that they would be able to fill all parts of their aircraft,” she explained.

“Both sides were very diligent, but ten years later we have two flights a day from Virgin and what a success story it is. That also spawns some competition and we have other European carriers because of that," she added.

Richard Maslen

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