Where Does The Airbus A380 Fly? February 2023 Update

Airbus A380
Credit: Rob Finlayson

Eight airlines are operating the Airbus A380 during February 2023, led by Emirates Airline which has some 1.9 million available seats onboard the aircraft this month.

The Dubai-based carrier has a fleet of 121 A380s, of which 87 are in operation at the present time. The latest figures provided by OAG Schedules Analyser show that Emirate’s A380 capacity has returned to about 85% of 2019 levels.

Although Lufthansa and Etihad Airways are among the airlines whose A380 fleet remains grounded, Lufthansa plans to return at least four aircraft this year, while Etihad is also reintroducing four during the summer 2023 season.


Dubai (DXB) unsurprisingly leads the way when it comes to the top 10 airports worldwide, ranked by the most A380 departure seats during February 2023.

In total, there are 950,271 available seats due to operate from DXB this month—almost 700,000 more than London Heathrow (LHR) in second place. However, LHR’s A380 capacity has recovered to about 89% of 2019 levels.

Overall, there are 48 airports worldwide receiving A380 flights this month, compared with 56 at this time in 2019.


A total of 65 airport pairs worldwide are receiving A380 flights during February, led by Dubai-London Heathrow with 193,061 two-way monthly seats.

The schedules data shows that nine of the top 10 airport pairs involve Dubai. The only route in the top 10 not to touch Dubai is London Heathrow-Singapore (SIN), which is the seventh biggest A380 route by capacity with 79,912 two-way seats.

The LHR-SIN market is served using A380s by Singapore Airlines twice a day and by Qantas Airways daily as part of a Sydney (SYD)-Singapore-London Heathrow routing.


Overall, airlines worldwide are collectively providing about 2.7 million seats in February onboard A380 equipment.

This represents about 62% of the capacity available at this time in 2019. However, the figure for this month is up significantly from the 1.4 million seats in February 2022.

David Casey

David Casey is Editor in Chief of Routes, the global route development community's trusted source for news and information.