What’s On The Horizon For: Tourism Australia

Tourism Australia’s global campaign, Come and Say G’day, has now been in key tourism markets around the world for more than one year, helping to drive the return of international travelers. 

When the campaign launched in October 2022, visitation to Australia was at about 50% of monthly pre-pandemic levels. By July 2023, the number had climbed back to about 80%, compared to the same month in 2019.

Speaking at Routes World 2023 in Istanbul, Trent Banfield, International Operations & Aviation Development Manager, and Andrew Hogg, Executive General Manager Eastern Markets and Aviation, say Come and Say G’day has been a triumph for both Tourism Australia and its partners, successfully that highlighting Australia’s tourism offer.

Banfield explains that the campaign has been rolled out to New York, London, Singapore, Chengdu and Beijing and will continue to target both English and non-English speaking markets, with the aim of securing new air service.

“We’re looking at unserved routes in fast growing markets for Australia, including China and India,” he says. “There are up to 15 unserved routes that we know we could start in the next couple of years.”

Overall international capacity to and from Australia is back to about 93% of 2019 levels in November 2023, compared with November 2019, and Tourism Australia expects to fully recover pre-pandemic levels during early 2024.