Tourism Sector Must Adopt Risk-Management Mindset to Attract Airlines

To attract vital new airline routes, tourist boards and airports need to get in step with airlines’ own risk management outlook and offer them greater risk-sharing opportunities through closer partnerships was one of the major issues being discussed at the World Routes Strategy Summit in Durban, South Africa, where the heads of major airlines, airports and tourist boards have gathered to debate the key themes affecting aviation and tourism development globally.

Speaking while moderating a panel discussion, Alfredo González, vice president of global meetings, trade and market development for Visit Florida, said: “Airlines today are in the risk management business and we need to match their thinking if we are to attract their business. The risks facing airlines are immense and diverse, from operational and financial to political and procurement."

"Tourism bodies and airports need to step up their partnerships to create better risk sharing and risk mitigation deals that will help airlines achieve their own goals. Having a large traveller catchment area, attractive resorts and a healthy regional economy are no longer enough," he continued.

“Airlines globally have taken a multi-billion dollar bet in their latest fleet orders, with thousands of new aircraft entering service in the next several years. These aircraft can be deployed anywhere, so it falls to destinations and airports to make a convincing case to airlines that we can help offset their risks. Perhaps more than any other factor, a destination’s sophistication in risk management will determine how successful it is in attracting visitor traffic in the coming decade,” he added.

Richard Maslen

Richard Maslen has travelled across the globe to report on developments in the aviation sector as airlines and airports have continued to evolve and…