SunExpress Launches 21 New Routes

Turkish Airline, SunExpress has recently announced its plans for a total of 21 new routes for the summer 2015 season, with departures mainly from Antalya, Dalaman, Izmir and Konya.

The airline previously released four new routes from Antalya, but the recent announcement brings the total number of new routes up to 21.

Previously, the airline planned a weekly service from Antalya – Geneva, from March 28, 2015, increasing to twice weekly from July 1. Also from Antalya, the airline plans to operate services to Luxembourg and Strasbourg weekly, from April 3 and April 24, 2015 respectively. Finally, the airline initially reported a thrice weekly operation between Antalya and Amsterdam from April 27, 2015, increasing to four-times-weekly from July 1, 2015.

However, in recent days our sister blog Airline Route, has reported a further 17 routes for the summer 2015 season including Antalya – Copenhagen and Stockholm, both operating once weekly from March 29, 2015. Both services will increase to twice weekly from May 21, 2015.

Services between Antalya and Lyon, Nantes and Paris Charles de Gaulle will all commence operation in summer 2015, from April 13 for Lyon and Nantes, and April 20, 2015 for Paris. The final new service to depart Antalya will be to Memmingen in Germany, which will operate twice weekly and commence on May 22, 2015.

From Dalaman - which is situated on the south-western coast of Turkey, operations to Paris Charles de Gaulle will commence on April 25, 2015 once weekly. Operations to Vienna and Dusseldorf will commence on June 14, and June 24, 2015 respectively, both operating once weekly. Finally from Dalaman, a service to Hannover in Germany will commence on October 4, 2015 to operate once per week.

SunExpress is set to launch five new routes from Izmir, with two services to Italy, commencing May 1, 2015. Operations to both Milan Malpensa and Rome will operate twice weekly. The three remaining routes from Izmir include Toulouse once weekly, Brussels twice weekly, and London Luton twice weekly. Services will commence on June 26, June 30 and July 11, 2015 respectively.

Finally, the airline will commence a further two routes from Konya, with weekly services to both Amsterdam and Copenhagen from June 9 & 10 2015, respectively.

SunExpress previously announced a planned new route between Antalya and Klagenfurt to commence May 13, 2015 though this has now been cancelled.

The airline, which is a joint venture between Lufthansa and Turkish Airlines has recently placed an order for 40 Boeing 737s to be delivered between 2015 and 2021.

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