Miami Airport’s Former Pan Am Building To Be Luxury Passenger Terminal

Rendering of PS MIA luxury terminal

A rendering of the future PS luxury terminal at Miami International Airport in the former Pan American Airlines headquarters.

Credit: Miami International Airport

Miami International Airport (MIA) will open a “luxury terminal” for commercial flights at Pan American Airways’ former regional headquarters building at MIA.

The facility will be operated by PS, a company formerly known as Private Suite that currently operates a similar facility at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). PS will open additional facilities at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport and Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport in 2024. The MIA VIP terminal will open in 2025.

“To avoid the congestion at one of America’s busiest airports, PS MIA will offer members and guests an elevated lounge experience, the Salon, and private suites equipped with a private balcony, or the landscaped courtyard for some final moments in Miami’s sunshine,” MIA says in a statement.

The airport continues: “At boarding time, members and guests will be brought through on-site TSA screening before being driven to their commercial flights at any of MIA’s concourses, to board the plane directly from the tarmac via the jet bridge stairs. For those arriving at MIA, the full experience is reversed seamlessly, from tarmac pick-up through airport departure.”

For the LAX facility, PS offers an “all-access” annual membership for $4,850. However, a member still pays an additional $3,450 per trip for a private suite that can accommodate up to four passengers and $695 per person for access to the Salon lounge. “Salon” members pay $1,250 per year, which means paying $4,650 per trip for a private lounge and $795 per person, per trip for lounge access. Non-members can use the service on a waitlist basis, paying $4,650 for a private suite and $995 for lounge access.

The direct boarding experience costs all-access members another $3,450 per trip for up to four passengers, while Salon members and non-members are charged $4,650 for the service.

“Breathing new life into the former Pan American Airways Regional Headquarters, PS’s signature premium experience will celebrate the legacy of its historic new home, demonstrating architectural innovation, creativity and deference to the building’s past,” MIA says.

“Helmed by acclaimed architect Richard Heisenbottle, lauded for leading Florida’s preservation efforts, PS MIA will bring together a team of architects, interior designers and contractors experienced in historic preservation,” the airport's statement adds.

Aaron Karp

Aaron Karp is a Contributing Editor to the Aviation Week Network.