How to make the most of your Route Exchange membership

Home to the largest online community of airline network planners, Route Exchange is a digital platform designed to facilitate conversations between airlines, airports, destinations and industry suppliers.

We sat down with our client relations executives, Alisha McKenzie and Rebecca Levett, to discuss how the community can make the most of their free Route Exchange membership in the final month, to ensure they stay connected with their industry partners through the recovery of air connectivity.

1. Why is it so important for airlines, airports, destinations and other aviation stakeholders to stay connected in the current climate?

AM: It is clear from the conversations we are having with our customers across the world that keeping open lines of communication is critical for the route development community right now.

RL: Airlines, airports, tourism authorities and industry suppliers are all looking for the most up-to-date and accurate information to help inform their next business decisions.

2. What are the first steps members should take in updating their profile?

AM: The fully interactive profile acts like a microsite for an organisation’s route development communications, but there are definitely a few things that we would recommend individuals do in the first instance. Knowing who to speak to in the current climate is critical, so we advise members to make sure all their key contacts are up to date on their profile.

RL: Updating key information can also help the industry to understand the specifics of their response to the pandemic. We’ve put together a user guide for any clients using the Route Exchange platform for the first time.

3. What are some of the key membership features that would be of most value to the community right now?

AM: It has never been more important for organisations to communicate their latest news and initiatives. As part of their Route Exchange profile, members can upload unlimited news posts and press releases. Whether it is a message from their CEO or information about the latest safeguarding measures they are putting in place, this feature allows organisations to keep their industry partners up to date.

RL: Members also gain access to a wealth of valuable data. OAG Route Mapper provides members with insights into areas such as what aircraft are still being used by airlines as the situation evolves. Members can also see what routes airlines are still operating such as domestic and cargo routes.

4. Are there any other ways that Route Exchange is currently supporting the community?

AM: Insight indicates that airlines believe the three key drivers in reinstating network strategy will be information about open borders, market demand recovery, and health and protection policies. With that in mind, we’ve created a dedicated recovery page which allows organisations to outline the operational safeguarding measures and health policies they will be implementing to allay passenger concerns.

RL: We’ve also launched the Routes App, which offers a safe space for the community to speak openly and privately, ask questions, share updates or simply post words of encouragement and support to industry partners.

5. How can Route Exchange members communicate directly to their target audiences?

AM: Route Exchange members can send up to five HTML emails to the community every year with their membership, and new members are offered the opportunity to send one email during their free membership period. With the ability to segment data by industry type, geography, seniority and event attendance, we can help organisations send tailored email communications to their partners.

RL: Several existing clients have utilised this feature to send messages of solidarity and support to their airline customers or outline their plans for route recovery, and these have been well received. Using this membership benefit is such an easy way to guarantee that the community receive your latest updates and news directly to their inbox.

6. The Route Exchange product sits within a wider family of brands. How do members benefit from data and insight that sister companies, such as ASM and CAPA, offer?

AM: Route Exchange members have access to free ASM Route Health Checks to help identify routes that may be at risk, are secure or should be monitored closely. Members also receive priority access to ASM’s weekly COVID-19 white papers, which examine the ongoing situation.

RL: In addition, Route Exchange members also receive premium CAPA analysis, direct to their inbox. This includes the latest airline data and actionable insights to help organisations adapt their strategy to the current situation.

7. How can the community request their membership?

AM: To request a free Route Exchange membership, organisations can either by reach out to their account manager or contact our team.

RL: We are constantly looking for ways that we can support the community through this period and are always on hand to help. Together we are strong, and by offering the community free Route Exchange memberships, we hope to keep this resilient community connected.